February 24th 2019 – Motivation to keep on blogging.

Today I want to talk about motivation but more importantly the motivation to keep on blogging (kind of messed up yesterday I apologise). Whether you’re blogging everyday, every few days, once or week or so on it can be hard to find the motivation to keep it going, especially if you don’t feel your blogs are getting the exposure they deserve.

For me to stick at doing something I have to find a routine, that way my OCD kicks in and it’s more of natural thing for me to do rather than reminding myself I have to do it. How exactly do you find that motivation though?

The answer is never a simple one and can differ depending on what type of person you are. One thing you can do as a means of motivation to keep blogging is read other people’s blogs. Ones you are genuinely interested in of course.

I find this helps in many ways. For instance if you’re wanting to blog but struggle with ideas on what to blog about, reading other blogs can help you out in that aspect. Its not so much as stealing ideas from other people as its all still your opinion but rather helping you find a subject to blog about.

Another way in how reading other blogs can help is seeing how the hard work at sticking at it can pay off. What I’ve found is those that having been blogging regularly and for some time have a lot of interactions from others with their blog. This is because their audience knows that the blogs are always there at certain days for them to read rather than going back everyday to see if that person has blogged again or not.

Your audience is another thing that should and can keep you motivated, especially if you see there are certain regular visitors to your blogs. It lets you know that there are people out there that are willing to not only read your blogs but enjoy them enough to read every if not most of the blogs you put out. Use this as comfort that it’s not all a waste of time, as those that do read your blogs are willing to take the time out of there own schedules to read what you have to say.

‘Good things come to those who wait.’ I’m sure that’s saying you have heard many a time over but in it’s most part it’s true. Be patient and over time your audience is sure to grow. Use this as a means to keep pushing forward and keep on writing. No one wants to try and guess if youre going to come back, so make sure your blogs are a constant presence on their timeline even if you’re only blogging once a week, this way they know when to expect your blog and they’ll keep an eye out for it too.

Even I was a bit sceptic on whether or not I would be able to find to the motivation to blog everyday and with the exception of one slip up on my behalf (which had nothing to do with motivation) I have easily found that motivation to keep going. That’s all down to you. Being safe in the knowledge that even if it’s only you that read this, at least you took the time out of YOUR day to do so makes me feel that I have a duty to fulfill my promise to keep on blogging, and for that I thank you. You have given me hope that this has not been a waste of time and actually a positive action.

I hope this helps, even if it’s by a little and that you find the motivation to keep on blogging because believe me when I tell you that there are people out there want to know what you have to say and look forward to seeing what you have to say also. You are the light at the end of the tunnel so shine bright my friend and let your presence be known.

To you with love, your friend THC x


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